Here is a list of all papers submitted to date.

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1Introductory Notes from Irish Folk and Culture DepartmentAnon1948
2Assorted NotesMalone, B. G.1948Time and Tide 6
3Historical outline of Holmpatrick ParishFox, Christopher1948
4Local shipwrecks - No. 1Gowan, J.E.1948Time and Tide 1
5The old road to DublinFox, Christopher1948
6Skerries, Past and PresentBattersby, T. S. F.1913Old Dublin Society
7The Skerries I remember.Branagan, Honora1949Time and Tide 11
8Extract from an old Vestry Book at Skerries.Campion, Mollie1949
9Local Scientific ReferencesGowan, J.E.1949
10The old maps of the locality, No. 1Gowan, J.E.1949
11Local scientific references (from Rutty 1772)Gowan, J.E.1949
12Local Place NamesHalpin, Paddy1949
13Skerries and the Rising of Easter WeekFitzpatrick, D.1949
14Local shipwrecks - No. 2Gowan, J.E.1949
15Local shipwrecks - No. 3Gowan, J.E.1949
16Memorials of the DeadGowan, J.E.1949
17The Hearth Money RollsGowan, J.E.1949Time and Tide 5
18The Man of War and the Turk's HeadMullen, Mrs1949Time and Tide 6
19Boats that sailed out of SkerriesFox, Christopher1949Time and Tide 12
20A Skerries BishopHalpin, Paddy1949Time and Tide 1
21Additions to Paper No. 19, collected from Capt. E. DoyleMullen, Mrs1949see paper 19
22Rockabill LighthouseFitzpatrick, D.1950Time and Tide 7
23Loughshinny PierBranagan, Honora1950
24English as we speak it in SkerriesHalpin, Paddy1950Time and Tide 5
25Customs and Local TraditionsBranagan, Honora1950Time and Tide 6
26Names of fields, lanes and paths around SkerriesFox, Christopher1951Time and Tide 1
27Church IslandCampion, Mollie1951Time and Tide 6
28The Ancient Port of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1951
29The Wreck of the John TayleurHalpin, Paddy1952
30The Barkhouse and BarkyardRyan, Dr F.1952Time and Tide 2
31The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1952
32Official list of householders in Skerries - 1845Duff, R. S.1952Time and Tide 1
33The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1952
34The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1952
35Record of Meeting, 1838Branagan, Honora1952
36The Privateers of Rush - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1953
37A visit to Skerries in 1858Duff, R.S.1953Time and Tide 10
38A Visitor to Skerries in 1776Shiels, Joseph1953Time and Tide 10
39The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 4Shiels, Joseph1953
40List of Skerries vessels that obtained fishery bounties in 1784Shiels, Joseph1953Time and Tide 4
41BalrotheryDuff, R.S.1953Griffith Valuation for Skerries/Hompatrick
42The Privateers of Rush - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1954
43A Lay of LoughshinnyFitzpatrick, D.1954
44Derham's Farm at BalcunninMurphy, Paddy1954
45Report of a visit to Church IslandFox, Christopher1954
46Milverton and surrounding districtDuff, R.S.1955Time and Tide 3
47A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1954
48A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1955
49The Milverton Tunnel - Part 1Murphy, Paddy1955
50A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1955
51The Milverton Tunnel - Part 2Murphy, Paddy1956
52The Hearth Money RollsMurphy, Paddy1956
53The Priory of HolmpatrickMurphy, Paddy1956
54Balrothery and District.Campion, Mollie1957
55The Seaweed WarHalpin, Paddy1957
56The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1955
57The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1957
58The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1957
59Balbriggan before and after the UnionMurphy, Paddy1957
60Balbriggan and BremoreCampion, Mollie1957
61County Dublin Election, 1841Murphy, Paddy1958
62The Balbriggan Foreshore DisputeShiels, Joseph1958
63Memories of SkerriesAnon1958
64Dreadful ShipwreckDardis, Joseph1958
65A harbour of refuge for SkerriesShiels, Joseph1959
66Glossary of terms peculiar to FingalO'Neill, P. J.1959Paper missing but avail. National Library
67Fingal and the rebellion of 1798Archer, Paddy1959extract of book 'Fair Fingal' publ. An Taisce
68Skerries Brass and Reed BandCrowe, Stephen1960No paper - tape
69Skerries and all that followedDuff, J.M.1960Time and Tide 12
70The Privateers of Rush - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1960
71Skerries-based Schooners and SmacksRoche, Jack1960Time and Tide 1
72The Lynch Ledger.Branagan, Honora1960See paper 106
73Glossary of terms peculiar to FingalO'Neill, P. J.1959Paper missing - see 66
74History of Balrothery & BalscaddenDaly, Patrick J.Drogheda Independent
75A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 2Shiels, Joseph19??
76Irish National Foresters Benefit SocietyHalpin, Paddy19??
77A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 1Shiels, Joseph1967
78Dowry for a Rush brideFraser, A. M.1964
79Drogheda Railway, Tumuli at Barnageeragh, Preston LegendShiels, Joseph1967
80A Skerries Regatta of long agoShiels, Joseph1967Time and Tide 2
81The lighting of Skerries - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1968
82The lighting of Skerries - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1968
83A MiscellanyShiels, Joseph1968Time and Tide 1
84Three ShipwrecksShiels, Joseph1968
85Local shipwrecks - No. 6Shiels, Joseph1969
86Address to ParnellHalpin, Paddy1969
87A paper on SkerriesGrimes, D.1969
88Local shipwrecks - No. 7 Shiels, Joseph1969Time and Tide 6
89Mining and Quarrying ReferencesShiels, Joseph1969
90The attractiveness of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1970
91The attractiveness of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1970
92Loughshinny PierColleen, W1970
93The Fingal Regatta of 1830Shiels, Joseph1970Paper missing
94The Building of Balbriggan HarbourShiels, Joseph1971Paper missing but see paper 50
95A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 3Shiels, Joseph1972
96Lynn DoyleHalpin, Paddy1972Time and Tide 9
97Random recollections of SkerriesFox, Christopher1973Time and Tide 9
98The County Dublin Election of 1823 and other dates, Parts 1, 2 and 3Shiels, Joseph1973
99A backward glance - Part 1Halpin, Paddy1973
100Changes in the Harbour in 50 YearsRoche, Jack1973Time and Tide 9
101The Oldest Skerries SocietyHarford, Margaret1973Time and Tide 6
102Holmpatrick ChurchMcCurdy, Miss1974Time and Tide 4
103A backward glance - Part 2Halpin, Paddy1974Time and Tide 12
104Community life in Skerries from about 1912 - 1920Fox, Christopher1974Time and Tide 2
105Some notes on Holmpatrick GraveyardFox, Christopher1975
106Paper on the Lynch DiaryHarford, Margaret1975Time and Tide 4
107Old Skerries SocietiesHalpin, Paddy1975
108D. P. Moran's views on SkerriesHalpin, Paddy1976Time and Tide 10
109The Seaver FamilyCoyle, Eugene1976Time and Tide 5
110 Some notes on the maritime history of SkerriesFox, Christopher1976Time and Tide 10
111F. J. McCormickHalpin, Paddy1976Time and Tide 3
112Baldungan Castle and the Knights TemplarFox, Christopher1977
113Skerries in the 40s and 50sHeffernan, Joe1978Time and Tide 8
114Sisters of the Holy Faith in SkerriesWheatley, Ellen1978Time and Tide 2
115Skerries Sea Baths and Recreation CompanyHalpin, Paddy1978Time and Tide 6
116Privateers in the late 18th CenturyCoyle, Eugene1978
117John Grimes, SeamanGrimes, Brendan1978
118The TowerHeffernan, Joe1979Time and Tide 12
119My Life at LighthousesO'Sullivan, Rita1979Time and Tide 4
120John Grimes, Potato Merchant - Part 1Grimes, Brendan 1980
121LambaySexton, Paddy1980Time and Tide 7
122Skerries FestivalsHeffernan, Joe1980
123Family Names, Placenames, The Old SchoolHalpin, Paddy1980
124 Three schooner account books Grimes, Brendan1980
125The National Schools of SkerriesHarte, John1981Time and Tide 1
126Great Northern RailwayBrowne, Bob1981Time and Tide 4
127The Knights TemplarCoyle, Eugene1981
128Mining and Quarrying - LoughshinnyCoyle, Eugene1979
129Motor cycle racing in Skerries 1930 to 1980Heffernan, Joe1981Time and Tide 3
130Skerries during the EmergencyHalpin, Paddy1981Time and Tide 1
131Holmpatrick Graveyard Grimes, Brendan1982
132The new housing estates in Skerries.Cross, Elizabeth / Keane, Pauline1982Time and Tide 3
132The new housing estates in Skerries.Keane, Pauline / Cross, Elizabeth1982Time and Tide 3
133Folklore of SkerriesKelly, M.1982Time and Tide 13
134The Carnegie LibrariesGrimes, Brendan1983Publ. Irish Academic Press
135Skerries in the 20s and 30sBehan, Maura1983Time and Tide 6
136Memories of the old G.N.R.Halpin, Paddy1984Time and Tide 7
137Around Historic NaulScully, S.1984
138Memories of the MonumentHalpin, Paddy1984
139History of Rooney's LaneGrimes, Brendan1984
140John Grimes, Potato Merchant - Part 2Grimes, Brendan1984
141Des McDonagh's PeopleHeffernan, Joe1983Drogheda Independent
142Priory of HolmpatrickBrowne, Bob1981Time and Tide 1
143Recollections of 1916 in SkerriesFox, Christopher1985Time and Tide 6
144Death of James Grimley aboard the Baltic in 1907Grimes, Brendan1985
145Notes on three churchesGrimes, Brendan1985
146A hedgerow in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1985
147The body snatchersBrowne, Bob1986Time and Tide 2
148LandlordismHalpin, Paddy1984
149Famous characters associated with SkerriesHalpin, Paddy1984
150Skerries landmarksSexton, Paddy198?Time and Tide 3
151Joseph Shiels - HistorianWheatley, Terry1987
152Supernormal experiences at Mourne View - and whyBird, Harold1987
153The 1798 Rebellion in FingalWheatley, Terry1988
154Hurricane Charley at SkerriesMathews, Frank1988
155Railway Architecture LectureGrimes, Brendan1988
156The Police in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1989No paper handed in
157Notes on Skerries LibraryGrimes, Brendan1990Published
158Gun Running in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1990
159Why local history?Grimes, Brendan1990Time and Tide 3
160Skerries: The Missing CenturyNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1991
161Skerries and the "Execrable Irish Rebellion"Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread1991
162A Storm in the Vestry Balcombe, Elizabeth 1992
163The Tambour and Embroidered Muslin Industry of 19th Century IrelandBalcombe, Elizabeth 1992Time and Tide 2
164The Skerries HarpsMoore, Oliver / Walsh, Bobby1992Time and Tide 2
164The Skerries HarpsWalsh, Bobby / Moore, Oliver1992Time and Tide 2
165Some Early Memories of SkerriesHalpin, Paddy1992Time and Tide 11
166Skerries PastGrimes, Maisie1992Time and Tide 7
167Rev Anthony Tanner, 1692-1741, Minister of Holmpatrick & Vicar of BalscaddenNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1992Time and Tide 2
168Vernacular Architecture in SkerriesHarte, Terry1993Time and Tide 4
169Social Changes in SkerriesHalpin, Paddy1993Paper missing
170The Islands of FingalCoyle, Eugene1993
171The Oldest ProfessionRyan, Hugh1993
172Martello TowersMathews, Frank1993
173A French Connection - Rev. Dr. John Bouhereau, 1685 to 1726Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread1993Time and Tide 7
174A Walk around the HeadHalpin, Paddy1994Time and Tide 2
175A Railway MiscellanyO'Byrne, Brian1994
176Cricket in FingalClinton, Joe1994Time and Tide 5
177'While my Candle lasts - Diaries etc of Marianne Taylor'.Balcombe, Elizabeth 1994Time and Tide 13
178The Townland of Hacketstown, Part IBaker / Ni Mhurchadha1994Time and Tide 3
178The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 1Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1994Time and Tide 3
179The Changing Face of Post-War Agriculture in SkerriesClinton, Joe1994Time and Tide 3
180The Townland of Hacketstown, Part IIBaker / Ni Mhurchadha1994Time and Tide 4
180The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 2Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1994Time and Tide 4
181Faces and Places, 1947 - film of "Skerries 100" Motor Cycle RaceO'Byrne, Brian1995Film
182Folklore Selection from Macroom and SkerriesDesmond, Joan1995
183Skerries Development and Visitors' Association.Bourke, Stephanie & Quigley, Jim1995
183Skerries Development and Visitors' Association.Quigley, Jim & Bourke, Stephanie1995
184The Irish College, ParisBourke, Stephanie1995
185The Townland of Hacketstown, Part III Baker / Ni Mhurchadha1995Time and Tide 5
185The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 3Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1995Time and Tide 5
186The Marian Musical and Dramatic SocietyBehan, Maura1995Time and Tide 2
187Dubliners and the First World WarCoyle, Eugene1995
188The Life and Times of Monsignor CaseyHarte, John1995No paper or slides
189Letters of Richard Taylor from the CrimeaBalcombe, Elizabeth 1995
190John Fox - No Ordinary ManClinton, Joe1996
191The 70th Anniversary of Skerries Rugby ClubHeffernan, Sandy1996Time and Tide 4
192Rural Life in North Fingal before the FamineNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1996
193Balrothery, Past and PresentWalsh, Jim1996
194The Cholera Epidemics of 1832/3 and 1849 in North-East FingalNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1996
195Skerries, c. 1901Murray, Joe1996List of slides, no paper
196A Russian AdventureMathews, Frank1997
197A Flavour of the FiftiesHarte, John1997
198The Old School, Dublin RoadBaker / Bourke / Murray1997Time and Tide 3
198The Old School, Dublin RoadBourke / Baker / Murray1997Time and Tide 3
198The Old School, Dublin RoadMurray, Joe / Baker, Maree / Bourke, Stephanie1997Time and Tide 3
199The Harry Boland Incident - 1922Coyle, Eugene1997
200Balscadden, Past and PresentWalsh, Jim1997
201Memories of Skerries 1930-50Neary, Roderic1997Skerries News
202Martello Towers & other Coastal Defenders of the 1800'sMcKenna, Rory1997Time and Tide 3
203The Mills of StephenstownNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1997
204Kenure House & the families who owned it from Norman timesPratt, George1998Time and Tide 12
205Luke Ryan, Privateer (or an Irish Bucaneer )Coyle, Eugene1998History Ireland
206The time when our society was foundedGowan, J.E.1998Time and Tide 6
207The Skerries FlowerersBalcombe, Elizabeth 1998Balbriggan and District Historical Society
208Balbriggan Foreshore dispute 1874 - 76McKenna, Rory1998Balbriggan and District Historical Society
209The Skerries Barkyard revisitedNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1998
210Newspaper reports 1940 - 49Desmond Joan1999
211A History of Loughshinny and its EnvironsPratt, George1999Time and Tide 5
212The Townland of Hacketstown, Part IVBaker / Ni Mhurchadha1999Time and Tide 12
212The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 4Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1999Time and Tide 12
213Family ConnectionsMarks, Bernadette1999
214Man-O-War & the Turk's HeadWalsh, Jim1999Balbriggan and District Historical Society
215RockabillGowan, J.E.1999
216Grange National School, 1855 - 1903Clinton, Joe1999
217Skerries L.D.F. & Kit Fox Remembered.Bourke, Stephanie1997Time and Tide 8
218The Echlin FamilyCoyle, Eugene2000Irish Studies Review 2006
219The coming of Electricity to IrelandGowan, J.E.2000
220Milverton National School, 1903 - 2000Clinton, Joe2001Time and Tide 11
221Thomas Hand (1878 - 1920), Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2001Time and Tide 4
222Letters from the Crimea, Part 2Balcombe, Elizabeth 2001
223The Dancing YearsKeeling, Tony2001Time and Tide 5
224Beranger's 18th. C. Antiquarian Sketches of County DublinHarbison, Peter2002Publ. Royal Irish Academy
2251916 in North Co. DublinCurtis, Bairbre2002Publ. Fingal Studies
226History of the Skerries LifeboatShiels, Sam2002Time and Tide 8
227De La Salle College, Skerries. 1948-1981Sexton, Paddy2002Time and Tide 13
228John Terry Sherlock, Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2002Time and Tide 11
229Fr. Conor Donnogh and the Siege of Baldongan, 1642.Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2002Publ. Kildare Local History Group
230The Springboards, Red Island, SkerriesRyan, Hugh2002Time and Tide 4
231Nazis in FingalMullins, Gerry2002Liberties Press
232The Making of a Country Estate or Milverton Demesne, A Landscape HistoryWentges, Richard1998Time and Tide 5
233The Townland of Haystown, Lusk (1641-1798)Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2003
234Census of Population Local and National (19th C. & 2002)   Harte, John2003
235Milverton, its Graveyard and Holy WellClinton, Joe2003
236Skerries, its Harbour and the Coasting TradeConlon, Terry2003Time and Tide 5
237A History of the Bus Service in SkerriesLaird, Bob2003Time and Tide 8
238Réalt na Mara N.S. - First 25 YearsNi Chionnaith, Bernadette2003Time and Tide 8
239Matthias Derham - Irish Volunteer, 1883 - 1959Whearity, Frank2003Time and Tide 7
240Politics, Revolution and Change in Co. Dublin, 1913 - 1923 Part 1Coyle, Eugene2004History Ireland
241Joseph Derham - Irish Volunteer, 1886 - 1966Whearity, Frank2004Time and Tide 7
242Census of Population and Development in the Population of Skerries, 1901 - 2002Embleton, Eric2004
243The Farm Diary of Lowther Lodge, 1803 - 1822 Balcombe, Elizabeth 2008Balbriggan and District Historical Society
244The Hamilton Family of BalbrigganBourke, Stephanie2004Balbriggan and District Historical Society
245The Irish Language in FingalMac Lochlainn, Antain2004
246Spotlight on Skerries, 1992-2001, A CelebrationSynnott, Marie Bashford2004Time and Tide 13
247Fingal and the Great WarHoward, Bernard2005Time and Tide 5
248The Irish Foresters Benefit SocietyWalsh, Jim2005
249A Skerries Street in Victorian TimesFlavin, Patricia2005Old Dublin Society
250Jubilee Nurses, Public Health Nurses, 1887-2003Rooney, Kay2005Time and Tide 8
251The Arcadia Ballroom in SkerriesMcNally, Breege2005Time and Tide 7
252Rockabill - an Irish LighthouseClinton, Joe2005
253Two hundred men at tennis:   Sport in North Dublin 1600-1760.Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2005Old Dublin Society
254A Short History of St. Patrick's Church ChoirBehan, Maura1995
255John 'Jack' McGowan, 1900-1922, Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2006Time and Tide 13
256From Protection to Free Trade: Rush Seamen, 1820-1914.Snook, David2006
257Fingallian Holy WellsSkyvova, Petra2006Fingal Co Council
258The First Year of the Parish BulletinFlavin, Patricia2006
259The Townland of BalcunninBaker, John J.2006Time and Tide 6
260The Life and Times of Mary (Molly) Adrien, 1873 - 1949 (1916 Cumann na mBan Volunteer)Whearity, Frank2006Old Dublin Society
261Stained and Leaded Glass in SkerriesSynnott, Marie Bashford2007Time and Tide 7
262The Coastguards in FingalMcKenna, Rory2007Balbriggan and District Historical Society
263Serving the state in the 18th Century - The Experience of a Skerries FamilyNi Mhurchadha, Maighread2008Irish Family History
264Marion Owens of SkerriesFlavin, Patricia2008Time and Tide 9
265Coastal Mounds from Rush to GormanstonHarte, John2007
266Skerries Pubs & PublicansBaker, John J.2008Time and Tide 8
267The Great Northern Railway (Ireland), 1876 - 1958Laird, Bob2008
268The Foundation of Electricity in SkerriesHalpin, Hugh2009Time and Tide 7
269Annie Hand's TeashopWherity, Molly2009Time and Tide 8
270The Wonder of ArchaeologyRoycroft, Oona2009
271The Stonemason's Art in SkerriesGrimes, Brendan2009
272Bygone DaysO'Driscoll, Raymond2009Time and Tide 7
273Skerries Men in the American Civil WarBaker, John J.2010Time and Tide 10
274Fire Down BelowWeston, Paddy2010Time and Tide 9
275The Kavanaghs of SkerriesRussell, Dermot2010Publ. by Kavanagh family
276Diamonds hidden in the Chandelier. Skerries c 1700 to todayRoycroft, Niall2010
277Aspects of the life and times of Cllr. Paddy MurphyWherity, Molly2010
278Skerries: A Maritime Town and the Maritime EconomyConlon, Terry2010
279Skerries in the Year of the Great UnrestMartin, Janet2011
280Making Sense of the Census - Skerries & Holmpatrick in 1911Roycroft, Oona2011
281The Carnegie Library, SkerriesGrimes, Brendan2011extracts from B Grimes 'Irish Carnegie Libraries'
282Skerries Miscellany c.1911 from the archives of SHS Embleton, Eric2011
283A brief history of the Skerries 100 motor cycle road racesHavelin, Harry2011Time and Tide 8
284It Said in the PaperSynnott, Marie Bashford2011Drogheda Independent
285Broken down by Age, Sex and Religion - Census 1911Harte, John2011
286The Williamite War in Fingal, 1689 - 1691Halpin, Hugh2012Fingal Local Studies
287Holmpatrick ChurchGrimes, Brendan2012
288How Skerries voted, 1922-2007Laird, Bob2012
289Fishermen's tales from Joe Shiels: Skerries fishing industry 1750-1870Roycroft, Oona2012Time and Tide 9
290Charles & Joseph Kelly in the War of Independence & Civil War, parts 1 & 2Whearity, Frank2012
291My LifeBesselling, Gerry2007
292The changing face of Skerries: an image history c.1962-2012Grimes, Brendan2013Self-published
293Antiquities of HolmpatrickBaker, Christine2013Time and Tide 11
294Harry HawkerRyan, David2013Time and Tide 9
295The History of Skerries Sailing Club - The first 65 yearsSynnott, Paul2013
296Twenty Years of Skerries Town TwinningMcQuillan, Geraldine2013Time and Tide 9
297Muriel MacDonagh, Tragic Death of a 1916 WidowShannon, Gerard2013Time and Tide 10
298The Hamilton MonumentGrimes, Brendan2014Time and Tide 13
299Skerries Tidy Towns - a short historyDoyle, Anne & McGann, Maeve2014Time and Tide 11
299Skerries Tidy Towns - a short historyMcGann, Maeve & Doyle, Anne2014Time and Tide 11
300Mapping of Skerries over the yearsRyan, David2014
301Skerries Fire Brigade 1940 - 2014McNally, Peter2014Time and Tide 10
302The Taylor Family Tree & Ardgillan CastleSkehan, Elaine2014
303St Patricks Church Skerries 75th AnniversaryBourke, Stephanie2014Time and Tide 9
304Irish Volunteer Brothers, James & Charles Murray Part 1Whearity, Frank2014
305F. J. McCormick (Peter Judge) Famous Abbey Actor & Skerries ManSynnott, Marie Bashford2015
306The Boylan & Phillips Families in Skerries & AmericaWheatley, John2015
307Irish Volunteer Brothers, James & Charles Murray Part 2Whearity, Frank2015
308Skerries Building CompanyGrimes, Brendan2015Time and Tide 10
309FloravilleHand, George & Power, Carmel2015Time and Tide 10
309FloravillePower, Carmel & Hand, George2015Time and Tide 10
310Bernie Gough & Henry Power: 30 years of SlidesHalpin, Hugh & McNally, Peter2015
310Bernie Gough & Henry Power: 30 years of SlidesMcNally, Peter & Halpin, Hugh2015
311Balrothery WorkhouseMartin, Janet2015Time and Tide 11
312Second level schooling in Skerries in a National, Historical contextMcQuillan, Dominic2015Time and Tide 10
313Howth Gun RunningByrne, Gerry2016
314The day the Second World War almost came to SkerriesRyan, David2016Time and Tide 11
315Cumann na mBan and the Women of SkerriesSynnott, Marie Bashford2016Time and Tide 11
316Easter week 1916 & its aftermath: as it affected Skerries town and those in it.Whearity, Frank2016
317Picturing Skerries People: 1916 and its aftermathSynnott, Marie Bashford & Synnott, Paul2016
318Skerries Men & Women of 1916 - Photographic ExhibitionSkerries Historical Society's members2016
319The Use of Wireless in the Rising including Skerries.Bohan, Eamon (Eddie)2016Kilmainham Tales Teo
320John Grimes and the 'Baltic'.Grimes, Brendan2016Time and Tide 11
321Skerries Electricity Works 1915 - 1940Halpin, Hugh2017Time and Tide 12
322Skerries Phonebook 1954Laird, Bob2017Time and Tide 12
323The Kieran family, SkerriesButler, Gavin2017
324Historical Research on the InternetSkehan, Elaine2017
325A look at Shenick Island Martello TowerWhearity, Frank2017
326Early printed Maps: A Fingal-centred ViewHaneman, Bill2017
327Draining SkerriesKee, Bill & McGonagle, Derek2017Time and Tide 13
328Quiet Please! Inside Dublin LibrariesRoycroft, Oona2018
329Liam MacGabhann - Outstanding JournalistSynnott, Paul2018
330Memories of a Skerries Mills GuideMorrissey, Brendan2018
331Letters from the North West Province: Lt. Col. Richard C H Taylor 1818-1904Herron, Aidan T2018
332Unexpected Drama: The History of Holmpatrick ChurchLlywelyn, Morgan2018Time and Tide 11
333Tufa stone in medieval Fingal and beyondRoycroft, Niall2019Time and Tide 12
334The Anecdotal History of the Irish or Skerries WherryRickard, Sean T2019
335The rise and fall of John Spicer’s ‘Model Bakery’, Balbriggan 1904-1942 (Part 1)Whearity, Peter, F2019
336Show Boat and the Marian Society, forty years onHand, George2019Time and Tide 12
337Church Island, Ireland and Rome in the Early middle AgesRyan, Michael2019
338The people who made Skerries LibraryRoycroft, Oona2019Time and Tide 13
339Best Love from Skerriesvarious authors2019
340The ESB in Skerries 1940-2005Halpin, Hugh2020
341Cricket in Skerries 1883-1969Bennett, James2020Time and Tide 13
342The Bombing of the Skerries Civic Guards Barracks during the Civil War, February 1923Shannon, Gerard2020
343A Photographic Record of SkerriesBroadhead, Jim2020Self-published
344The Skerries Estates of James Hans HamiltonBrendan Grimes2021
345The Guest Book at Ardgillan Castle: 1879 & 1882Aidan J Herron2021
346They’re Off! Skerries Horse Races 1854-1925Dominic McQuillan2021
347A Skerries holidayOona Roycroft2021
348A short architectural tour in the vicinity of Skerries Brendan Grimes2021
349Man Of War Military Barracks 1776 - 1824Hugh Halpin2022
350Some aspects of life in Skerries in the 1940s and 1950sCommittee SHS2022
351The Shegog Family in SkerriesStephanie Bourke2022
352A selection of photographs from the Joe Murray CollectionSally Murray & Brendan Grimes2022
353Gentry of Balrothery 1641-1670Seamus Murray2022
354Extracts from the Blood Smyth StoriesEdward Mullarkey2023
355Who was Aga Muller and why was she in Skerries?Paul Synnott2023
356The architecture of small rural churches in Fingal and neighbourhoodBrendan Grimes2023
357Skerries born John Gowan CM, 'zealous priest and sterling patriotic Irishman'Vivienne Keely2023Self-published
358A short history of SkerriesOona Roycroft2023
359Gentours Holiday Camp, SkerriesStephanie Bourke2023