Old Skerries A Selection of Folklore and Folkways. Introduction:Harte, John
English as we Speak it in SkerriesHalpin, Paddy
Local Expressions Anon
Collection of RiddlesGrimes, Michael
Names of Fields, Lanes and PathsFox, Christopher
The Mill CottageO'Rourke, H. T.
Old Skerries Place NamesHalpin, Paddy
Doggerel VersesFox, Christopher
Skerries. A PoemDoyle, Lynn
Festival Customs Derham, Leo
St. Stephens NightPratt, George
Old CustomsBranagan, Mrs.
May 1st. 1900Branagan, Mrs.
Childrens Games etc. c. 1930Behan, Maura
Home Made Toys (6/9/'38)Owens, Alan
WrestlingDuff, R. S.
Children's GamesBranagan, Mrs.
Anyone for Hinny-bockHarte, John
Skerries-Dublin & Drogheda Railway (image)
Old SuperstitionsReynolds, Joe
The girl who sold her soulFox, John
Local curesPotter, Desmond
More Local CuresFanning, Essie
Women at WorkBranagan, Mrs.
The Razor SeasonBranagan, Mrs.
The WindmillBGM
Trades & Crafts c 1910Fox, Christopher
Seaweed as FertiliserFox, Christopher
Farm Animals in the TownFox, Christopher
Blacksmiths c 1916Fox, Christopher
19th c FishingDuff, T. M.
Williams, Alexander
Milverton Quarry c 1916Fox, Christopher
Local Employment c 1910Halpin, Paddy
St PatrickBranagan, Mrs.
St Movee's CemeteryFlanagan, P.
Body SnatchersDuff, R. S.
St Patrick's FootHalpin, Paddy
The Captain's and Springboards c 1930Behan, Maura
Hard TimesHalpin, Paddy
First World WarHalpin, Paddy
Stoop's Pub and Joe May'sHalpin, Paddy
Bona Fide TravellerHalpin, Paddy
Would You BelieveKelly, Moira
Peggy's RockFox, John
RockabillHalligan, Mary
Balcunnin LegendFox, John
Ghost StoriesDuff, R. S.
The Ghost of Hacketstown HouseOwens, Alan
19th c Tambour & Embroidered Muslin Industry of SkerriesBalcombe, Betty