Season 2023

Extracts from the Blood-Smyth StoriesEd Mullarkey10th January 2023
Who was Aga Muller and why was she in Skerries?Paul Synnott14th February 2023
The architecture of small rural churches in Fingal and neighbourhoodBrendan Grimes14th March 2023
Skerries born John Gowan CM, 'zealous priest and sterling patriotic Irishman'Sr Vivienne Keely11th April 2023
C Company Skerries (IRA), 1st Battalion, 8th Fingal Brigade and those in it 1918 - 1923Frank Whearity9th May 2023
Gentour's Holiday Camp in SkerriesStephanie Bourke13th June 2023
BREAKJuly & August 2023
12th September 2023
AGM10th October 2023
14th November 2023
A Christmas Miscellany12th December 2023