The Society will be called ‘Skerries Historical Society’.


2.1 (a) To pursue research and investigation into the following subjects

– local history
– local folklore
– local tradition
– local arts and crafts


(b) to compile and publish records of them.

2.2 To bring to the notice of the proper authority cases of ancient monuments etc. in need of attention to secure their preservation and, if necessary, to attempt this work on its own initiative, with expert supervision.

2.3 To provide lectures etc., both public and private, by members and others, towards the work of the Society, for educational, charitable or other purposes and, in particular, to promote an interest in local history.

2.4 To co-operate with the National Museum and similar bodies as far as is consistent with the objects of the Society.

2.5 In general to take part in activities consistent with the name of the Society.


3.1 The members present at the inaugural meeting, as recorded in the minutes shall be founder members. Other members may be admitted to the Society in accordance with the rules.


4.1 Administration of the Society shall be vested in a committee which shall consist of

(a) founder members as long as they remain members of the Society.
(b) the honorary officers, viz., chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, publicity officer, archivist and librarian elected at the annual general meeting and
(c) four other members elected at the annual general meeting.

4.2 Elections to the committee shall be conducted by secret ballot. Results shall be determined by simple majority.
4.3 A member who has served three consecutive years as chairperson shall not be eligible for re-election to the chair for a period of three years from the date of completion of his/her term of office as chairperson.
4.4 The quorum for a committee meeting shall consist of four committee members including at least two officers.
4.5 Meetings shall be convened by the honorary secretary and held as required, or by the request of an honorary officer.
4.6 The committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies in its membership.


5.1 A Research Sub-committee consisting of four members of Skerries Historical Society shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.
5.2 The purpose of the research sub-committee is to –
Identify local history research topics
Conduct local history research
Support the Society’s members in conducting such research
Share the fruits of its work with the Society’s members
5.3 The Committee shall at its November meeting each year appoint a Committee member to the Research Sub-committee. It may also appoint additional members from the Society from time to time, but the sub-committee total should not exceed eleven.
5.4 Meetings of the Research Sub-committee shall be convened by the chairperson of the Research Sub-committee.
5.5 The Committee shall have the power to appoint other sub-committees from the membership of the Society.


6.1 The annual general meeting shall be held as arranged by the Committee but in any event not later than 31 October. The quorum shall consist of three out of every complete ten of the total membership of the Society.


7.1 Any property, papers or copyright shall be vested in trust for the Society by the Committee. Monetary receipts shall be lodged by the honorary treasurer to the account of the Society. Disbursements shall be issued on the instructions of the committee.


8.1 Without prejudice to the provisions of the constitution and rules of the Society copyright of the original papers submitted by members of the Society shall remain the property of the members.


9.1 This constitution may be altered or amended only by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at the annual general meeting. Proposed alterations or amendments to the constitution must be received in writing by the honorary secretary not later than 31 August preceding the annual general meeting.


10.1 In the event of the Society ceasing to function all copyright papers, maps, or historic objects shall be deposited in the National Museum and/or the National Library, or in a County Museum and/or Library or with a suitable Society or Trust as may then be in
existence. All real assets and property shall be converted into cash and disposed of as the then disposing body may decide.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. New members may be elected by the committee on the proposal of two members of the Society, one of whom must be a committee member.
2. The annual subscription shall be decided by the committee at the meeting prior to the annual general meeting.
3. The committee shall be entitled to remove from membership any person whose subscription has not been paid by the 1st January or within two months of admission to the Society.
4. Members presenting work shall do so in the following manner:

(a) All records compiled in accordance with Object 1 of the constitution shall be lodged with the honorary archivist for inclusion in the records of the Society.
(b) Members presenting work to the Society shall ensure that such work is typed or carefully written.
(c) These papers may be of very short length and added to from meeting to meeting.
(d) All papers must be adequately referenced

5. Publication by members of any work consisting of any part of material gathered by the Society must include due acknowledgement to the Society.
6. Papers may be consulted on arrangement with the honorary archivist or alternatively copies may be obtained by the payment of a fee to be determined by the committee. The honorary archivist shall keep suitable records of such consultations and the taking of copies.
7. The honorary archivist and at least one other member of the committee shall check the Society’s records every year before the annual general meeting.
8. The committee may alter and/or extend these rules as deemed necessary.



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