An Irish Perspective on Armistice Day and other stories

by David O’Flynn
(Skerries Historical Society Meeting – 12th November 2013)

Skerries Historical Society’s November talk played host to author and photographer David O’Flynn’s An Irish Perspective of Armistice Day and Other Stories. David began by talking about his granddad, who never spoke about his part in the First World War.

It was only when David started to research the War that he realised his granddad, ‘Pop’, as he called him, had fought in many of the battles, the Somme being one of them. He was wounded twice and survived.

The men who survived never spoke of the War when they returned home. During his research of the war graves in Ireland he discovered that nine soldiers were killed on Armistice Day and are buried in Ireland.

He has visited the War Graves in Kerry, Limerick, Cork and Glasnevin. He also went to the Memorial Gardens in Islandbridge. In 2009 he visited Enniskillen’s Commemorations. David has published, among other things, a book on his research called In Remembrance.

Report by George Hand

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