The Williamite War in Fingal, 1689 – 1691

Paper 286

Lecture – 2012

Author – Halpin, Hugh

What do you know about local Jacobites? Who were the Fingal followers of King Billy? How did Skerries people fare during the Williamite War? These are some of the questions answered by the author.
 In 1689, all Skerries men between 16 and 60 were warned that if they did not fight for James, William would make slaves of them and send them to foreign plantations. James was short of money, so he melted down some of his cannon and used the brass to pay the men with useless money. Thomas Arthur of Hacketstown fought and died for the Jacobite cause and is mentioned in an account of the battle. By contrast Dixie Coddington of Holmpatrick was a loyal Williamite.  
Hugh’s paper is packed with information about those involved in the Williamite War and the hardships they had to deal with. 
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Themes: War & Rebellion, Living Standards