The Foundation of Electricity in Skerries

Paper 268

Lecture – 2009

Author – Halpin, Hugh

PublishedTime & Tide Vol 7

The town of Skerries has benefited from an electricity service since the early twentieth century, but its foundation was not an easy one. Many people were unconvinced of its merits, and others saw it as an advance to benefit the town socially and economically. 
From its implementation in 1914 until the ESB took it over, electricity was supplied by a local entrepreneur William Herbert Flanagan. Over the years Mr. Flanagan succeeded in many enterprises including the erection of a sea baths establishment and a concert hall. He also brought the new ‘moving pictures’ to Skerries in his Electric Theatre. Skerries was one of the first towns in Ireland to have electricity not only for public lighting, but also for heating, cooking and power. 
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Themes: Social History, Business, Living Standards