Muriel MacDonagh, Tragic Death of a 1916 Widow

Paper 297

Lecture – 2013

Author – Shannon, Gerard

Published in: Time & Tide 10

Report by George Hand

The remarkable story of Muriel MacDonagh who was born into a comfortable Protestant Dublin family is contained in this paper. In a short but eventful life, she found herself the widow of one of the executed 1916 Rebels, Thomas MacDonagh. One year later she was drowned tragically in Skerries, County Dublin. The author tells her story in fascinating detail, rich with anecdotes many of them quite moving. The accompanying photographs enhance the paper.

Muriel Gifford drowned off Skerries in 1917.

There is an interesting piece by Shane Mawe posted on the 29th September 2015 which you can read at the following link