Milverton, its Graveyard and Holy Well

Paper 235

Lecture – 2003

Author – Clinton, Joe

The author was born and has lived all his life in the area and has a great interest in the history of the neighbouring Milverton Demesne. The Holy Well and Graveyard dedicated to St. Mobhi are ancient; the well may be 4,500 years old. There was a monastic settlement here in the 8th and 9th century. Milverton’s history was closely associated with the Priory of St. Patrick at Holmpatrick until its dissolution in 1537.

The monastic estate, including Milverton became the property of King Henry VIII and was sold on to John Parker.  Henceforth there were many owners including the Earl of Thomond, the Hamiltons, the Woods and Wentges.  Part of the farm at Ardla was given to Fingal Co. Council and a new graveyard developed there to supplement the ancient Holmpatrick cemetery.

Themes : Family history, Places and Buildings, Religion