Fingallian Holy Wells

Paper 257

Lecture – 2006

Author – Skyvova, Petra

Published – Fingallian Holy Wells,  (Fingal County Libraries, Dublin, 2005), ISBN 0954910303

The author lists more than 60 wells in Fingal, including 3 in the parish of Skerries. There is St. Movee’s in the townland of Grange, which is still a well preserved structure, the Kybe well near Skerries Mills and St. Patrick’s downtown. There is a map of Fingal showing the position of each well, which is described with comments about its location, condition and sometimes details on the name or associated traditions.

There is also a book in the SHS Archive, Fingallian Holy Wells, written by Petra and published in association with Fingal Co. Libraries. It has more detail than the paper and includes many photographs. (17 pages).
Holy Wells of Dublin by Kevin Danaher
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