Broken down by Age, Sex and Religion – Census 1911

Paper 285

Lecture – 2011

Author – Harte, John

The paper takes the statistics of the 1911 census as a starting point. These are interpreted and discussed with the aid of graphs and charts. There are three sections i.e. – 
Census 1911 in general including local geography of townlands, streets and parish, – 
some issues concerning the census in Skerries 1901-1911 e.g. the age entries and the male /female population imbalance and 
- preliminary results of the 2011 census and comparisons with 2006. 
By way of light relief there are examples of life in Skerries 100 years ago, including the Sea Baths, events, concerts and silent movies. 
(Pages: 19 + CD

Themes: Social History, Living Standards