Authors N-Z

201Memories of Skerries 1930-50Neary, Roderic1997
238Réalt na Mara N.S. - First 25 YearsNi Chionnaith, Bernadette2003
178The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 1Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1994
180The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 2Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1994
185The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 3Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1995
212The Townland of Hacketstown, Part 4Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread/Baker, Maree1999
160Skerries: The Missing CenturyNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1991
161Skerries and the "Execrable Irish Rebellion"Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread1991
167Rev Anthony Tanner, 1692-1741, Minister of Holmpatrick & Vicar of BalscaddenNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1992
173A French Connection - Rev. Dr. John Bouhereau, 1685 to 1726Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread1993
192Rural Life in North Fingal before the FamineNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1996
194The Cholera Epidemics of 1832/3 and 1849 in North-East FingalNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1996
203The Mills of StephenstownNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1997
209The Skerries Barkyard revisitedNi Mhurchadha, Maighread1998
229Fr. Conor Donnogh and the Siege of Baldongan, 1642.Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2002
233The Townland of Haystown, Lusk (1641-1798)Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2003
253Two hundred men at tennis:   Sport in North Dublin 1600-1760.Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread2005
263Serving the state in the 18th Century - The Experience of a Skerries FamilyNi Mhurchadha, Maighread2008
175A Railway MiscellanyO'Byrne, Brian1994
181Faces and Places, 1947 - film of "Skerries 100" Motor Cycle RaceO'Byrne, Brian1995
272Bygone DaysO'Driscoll, Raymond2009
066Glossary of terms peculiar to FingalO'Neill, P. J.1959
073Glossary of terms peculiar to FingalO'Neill, P. J.1959
119My Life at LighthousesO'Sullivan, Mrs R1979
204Kenure House & the families who owned it from Norman timesPratt, George1998
211A History of Loughshinny and its EnvironsPratt, George1999
183Skerries Development and Visitors' Association.Quigley, Jim & Bourke, Stephanie1995
071Skerries-based Schooners and SmacksRoche, Jack1960
100Changes in the Harbour in 50 YearsRoche, Jack1973
250Jubilee Nurses, Public Health Nurses, 1887-2003Rooney, Kay2005
276Diamonds hidden in the Chandelier. Skerries c 1700 to todayRoycroft, Niall2010
270The Wonder of ArchaeologyRoycroft, Oona2009
280Making Sense of the Census - Skerries & Holmpatrick in 1911Roycroft, Oona2011
289Fishermen's tales from Joe Shiels: Skerries fishing industry 1750-1870Roycroft, Oona2012
275The Kavanaghs of SkerriesRussell, Dermot2010
030The Barkhouse and BarkyardRyan, Frank1952
171The Oldest ProfessionRyan, Hugh1993
230The Springboards, Red Island, SkerriesRyan, Hugh2002
137Around Historic NaulScully, S.1984
121LambaySexton, Paddy1980
150Skerries landmarksSexton, Paddy198?
227De La Salle College, Skerries. 1948-1981Sexton, Paddy2002
028The Ancient Port of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1951
031The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1952
033The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1952
034The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1952
036The Privateers of Rush - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1953
038A Visitor to Skerries in 1776Shiels, Joseph1953
039The Fishermen of Skerries - Part 4Shiels, Joseph1953
040List of Skerries vessels that obtained fishery bounties in 1784Shiels, Joseph1953
042The Privateers of Rush - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1954
047A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1954
048A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1955
050A Harbour of Refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1955
056The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1955
057The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1957
058The Skerries Foreshore Case - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1957
062The Balbriggan Foreshore DisputeShiels, Joseph1958
065A harbour of refuge for SkerriesShiels, Joseph1959
070The Privateers of Rush - Part 3Shiels, Joseph1960
075A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 2Shiels, Joseph19??
077A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 1Shiels, Joseph1967
079Drogheda Railway, Tumuli at Barnageeragh, Preston LegendShiels, Joseph1967
080A Skerries Regatta of long agoShiels, Joseph1967
081The lighting of Skerries - Part 1Shiels, Joseph1968
082The lighting of Skerries - Part 2Shiels, Joseph1968
083A MiscellanyShiels, Joseph1968
084Three ShipwrecksShiels, Joseph1968
085Local shipwrecks - No. 6Shiels, Joseph1969
088Local shipwrecks - No. 7 Shiels, Joseph1969
089Mining and Quarrying ReferencesShiels, Joseph1969
090The attractiveness of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1970
091The attractiveness of SkerriesShiels, Joseph1970
093The Fingal Regatta of 1830Shiels, Joseph1970
094The Building of Balbriggan HarbourShiels, Joseph1971
095A harbour of refuge for Skerries Bay - Part 7, Book 3Shiels, Joseph1972
098The County Dublin Election of 1823 and other dates, Parts 1, 2 and 3Shiels, Joseph1973
226History of the Skerries LifeboatShiels, Sam2002
257Fingallian Holy WellsSkyvova, Petra2006
256From Protection to Free Trade: Rush Seamen, 1820-1914.Snook, David2006
246Spotlight on Skerries, 1992-2001, A CelebrationSynnott, Marie Bashford2004
261Stained and Leaded Glass in SkerriesSynnott, Marie Bashford2007
284It Said in the PaperSynnott, Marie Bashford2011
164The Skerries HarpsWalsh, Bobby / Moore, Oliver1992
193Balrothery, Past and PresentWalsh, Jim1996
200Balscadden, Past and PresentWalsh, Jim1997
214Man-O-War & the Turk's HeadWalsh, Jim1999
248The Irish Foresters Benefit SocietyWalsh, Jim2005
232The Making of a Country Estate or Milverton Demesne, A Landscape HistoryWentges, Richard1994
274Fire Down BelowWeston, Paddy2010
221Thomas Hand (1878 - 1920), Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2001
228John Terry Sherlock, Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2002
239Matthias Derham - Irish Volunteer, 1883 - 1959Whearity, Frank2003
241Joseph Derham - Irish Volunteer, 1886 - 1966Whearity, Frank2004
255John 'Jack' McGowan, 1900-1922, Irish VolunteerWhearity, Frank2006
260The Life and Times of Mary (Molly) Adrien, 1873 - 1949 (1916 Cumann na mBan Volunteer)Whearity, Frank2006
290Charles & Joseph Kelly in the War of Independence & Civil War, parts 1 & 2Whearity, Frank2012
114Sisters of the Holy Faith in SkerriesWheatley, Ellen1978
146A hedgerow in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1985
151Joseph Shiels - HistorianWheatley, Terry1987
153The 1798 Rebellion in FingalWheatley, Terry1988
156The Police in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1989
158Gun Running in SkerriesWheatley, Terry1990
269Annie Hand's TeashopWherity, Molly2009
277Aspects of the life and times of Cllr. Paddy MurphyWherity, Molly2010
294Harry HawkerRyan, David2013
295The History of Skerries Sailing Club - The first 65 yearsSynnott, Paul2013
297Muriel MacDonagh, Tragic Death of a 1916 WidowShannon, Gerard2013
300Mapping of Skerries over the yearsRyan, David2014
302The Taylor Family Tree & Ardgillan CastleSkehan, Elaine2014
304Irish Volunteer Brothers, James & Charles Murray Part 1Whearity, Frank2014
305F. J. McCormick (Peter Judge) Famous Abbey Actor & Skerries ManSynnott, Marie Bashford2015
306The Boylan & Phillips Families in Skerries & AmericaWheatley, John2015
307Irish Volunteer Brothers, James & Charles Murray Part 2Whearity, Frank2015
309FloravillePower, Carmel & Hand, George2015
314The day the Second World War almost came to SkerriesRyan, David2016
315Cumann na mBan and the Women of SkerriesSynnott, Marie Bashford2016
316Easter week 1916 & its aftermath: as it affected Skerries town and those in it.Whearity, Frank2016
317Picturing Skerries People: 1916 and its aftermathSynnott, Marie Bashford & Synnott, Paul2016
318Skerries Men & Women of 1916 - Photographic ExhibitionSkerries Historical Society's members2016
347, Oona2021