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Church Island, Ireland and Rome in the early Middle Ages

by Dr Michael Ryan MRIA

The talk sketches the relations between Ireland and Rome from the Conversion to the 11th and 12th century. Church Island had a link with St. Patrick in the earliest texts about him. The talk covers the dispute about calculating the date of Easter, pilgrimage, and the occasional piece hard evidence  of direct Roman influence in Ireland. It closes with the reform of the Irish Church in the 12th century. A synod on Church Island sent a delegation led by Malachy, Bishop of Armagh, to seek from the Pope the Pallia – the insignia of archbishops newly designated by the reforming synods. Malachy was a friend of Bernard of Clairvaux in whose abbey he stayed on his last journey to Rome but he died there. Bernard paid a tribute to his friend at his burial. Bernard also wrote a Life of Malachy. But there was a sting in the tale. In order to show Malachy’s saintliness he  described the disgusting depravity of the Irish and his battle against sin, abuses and barbarity. It impressed the future Pope Adrian to issue a bull which offered Ireland to anyone who would invade and clean the place up. It was used a little later to justify the Anglo-Norman invasion.


Location & Time:  Skerries Bowling Club at 8.15 pm.  Admission to Non-Members €5

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Time & Tide Vol 11

Time & Tide, Volume 11, published October 2018, contains a collection of papers from our archive. The papers chosen include oral history from the early 20th century, Milverton School, Balrothery Workhouse, the Easter Rising and the revolutionary period, maritime history, histories of Holmpatrick and Holmpatrick Church, a story from the Second World War, and a short history of Skerries Tidy Towns.

Time & Tide can be purchased online by clicking here.

It is also available in several local shops. Skerries Mills, Skerries Bookshop and Greg Reddins.

Fieldnames Project

Skerries Historical Society is one of six groups chosen by Fingal County Council to help with the Fingal Fieldnames Project

Abarta Heritage were appointed as consultants to give training to the six groups on a method of collection and ideas of were to collect information along with research resources.

This has now been consolidated into a manual which provides information and guidelines to volunteers on all aspects of the project.

This is a continuing project to be worked on until as much of the fields of Fingal have been recorded as possible.

Phase 2 of the project will continue to expand on the work started in Phase 1.

If you are interested in participating please contact Geraldine Clarke on 086-3468602 or email oldskerries@gmail.com.

This is for everybody in the local community, you do not need to be a member of Skerries Historical Society. 

Committee Members 2018/19

Chair – George Hand
Vice Chair – Carmel Power
Hon Secretary – Stephanie Bourke
Hon Treasurer – Brendan Grimes
Hon Librarian – Maree Baker
Hon Archivist – Oona Roycroft
PRO – vacant
with Geraldine Clarke, Bill Kee and Pauline Hanlon.