Wrestling was a great pastime around Skerries and particularly around Milverton and Balcunnin. Nearly every man around was a wrestler.

Wrestling matches were carried on in The Black Hills (locally The Hills), and also on the Green at Lusk during Lent. They began on Shrove Tuesday and continued every Sunday until the end of Lent. A Mr. Joe O’ Toole of Lusk was the manager of the wrestling competitions. He arranged the matches and procured prizes.

Some outstanding men among the wrestlers were: Paddy Connor, Eddie Connor and George Hoy. I believe Pat Connor never was thrown. I had the great pleasure of meeting Eddie Connor (of Killalane) a few years ago and photographing him.

I regret very much not having visited him more often and not having taken down an account of some of his wrestling experiences. Of course ordinary wrestling bouts outside official matches occurred at the crossroads or where ever else they were held. The Hills of Lusk Green were associated with championship wrestling.

My great friend, Nicholas Wade, informs me that it is now over forty years since wrestling matches were held in or around Balcunnin.

R. S. Duff [SHS, 1955]