The use of Wireless in the Rising including Skerries

Paper: 319

Lecture: 2016

Author: Bohan, Eddie

Report by: Oona Roycroft


The paper covers the part that wireless played in proclaiming the new Republic of Ireland. Led by Joseph Plunkett, one of the Signatories of the Easter Proclamation of 1916, a wireless communications section was set up to counter the propaganda being broadcast by the British Government.

A Marine Station had been set up in Skerries, and this paper gives an overview of the use of wireless by the British, as well as details of the counter efforts of the rebels. The author provides, from various sources, an account of a purported attempt by the Irish Volunteers to capture the Marine Station, and of the preparations made by the Unionist members of the Skerries community to give medical help in the event of an actual attack.