The Methodist Church

The Building

The Methodist Congregation in Skerries originally met in a small cottage which stood at the entrance to College Court, beside the monument. This congregation took out a lease on this cottage in April 1852.

In 1879 Mr. Robert Carey bought some land on Strand Street and the present Methodist Church was built on this land. It was opened for worship on the 4th. of June 1880. A year later ownership of the church was given to the Methodist Trustees.

The church has a series of stained glass windows, through which runs a theme of intertwining vines. The east window bears the text “I am the true vine.” In 1911 the west window over the communion table was erected in memory of Robert Carey and his wife.


The Methodists were founded in England by John Wesley in the 18th. centrury. Originally he was a church of England clergyman. in 1738 he experienced a “conversion.” He started preaching his doctrine originally in Church of England premises. When he and his followers were barred from these churches he rode about the country on horseback, preaching daily, mostly in the open air. During his life he is said to have travelled over 250,000 miles and to have preached over 40,000 sermons.

In 1752 John Wesley visited Skerries to take a ship for England. He stayed in the Man-O-War Inn but his diaries contain no mention of his ever having preached in Skerries.
Published here: November 2002