The Coastguards in Fingal

Paper 262

Lecture – 2007

Author – McKenna, Rory

There is a thorough treatment of the origins of the Coastguard.  The main aim in setting up the “Preventing Waterguard” was to discourage smuggling. They also were to assist in ship rescues, to aid police in locating poteen stills and in 1867 to keep an eye out for Fenians.  Locally they were deployed at stations along the coast from Laytown to Baldoyle. 

Later the name changed from Waterguards to HM Coastguards. Houses and boat stations were built.  The Coastguards saved many lives over the years.  The author has accounts of several incidents including violent conflict with smugglers. In 1921 their stations became targets for republicans and many of them, including Skerries, were burned down.  The Coastguards were disbanded and some returned to England.  (11 pages).