Serving the state in the 18th Century – The Experience of a Skerries Family

Paper 263

Lecture – 2008

Author – Ni Mhurchadha, Maighread

This is the history of members of a family over a period of three generations who came to Skerries at the beginning of the eighteenth century. They were of modest beginnings and over the years became a wealthy family with distinguished members during their time in Skerries. They started as members of the customs service whose stations were situated on the coast. Skerries harbour in those days was a very important harbour on a par with the port of Dublin.

The Wahab family (also known as Wauchope) came from County Down. William Wahab served as a boatman in Skerries in 1705 and 1706. Then there was Joshua Wahab, son of William, who was also in the customs service. He became head of the family in 1719. He was Churchwarden at Holmpatrick in 1735. One gets a great insight into the Wahab family. One also, gets a record of the lucrative smuggling trade along the coast of Fingal. During their time in Skerries the family progressed from the junior ranks of the customs service to senior ranks in the army. Some of them had distinguished careers with the East India Company.  (21 Pages) 
Themes: Family History, Maritime, Social History