A Lighthouse about seven miles north-east of Skerries. It is formed of two rocky islets of granite one larger than the other -the islets are often called the cow and calf from the following story current in the neighbourhood:-

There was a very famous cow called Glas Gablin belonging to Ulster. No matter how large the vessel used to milk her, she could fill it immediately with rich creamy milk. She lived about the time that the De Dananns were in Ireland. Balor of the Evil Eye, one of the De Danann Chiefs, was anxious to get this wonderful cow for himself.

He and his servant went to the Mourne Mountains where Glas Gavelin was grazing with her calf. He got the servant to drive the cow and her calf to the province of Leinster – to Wicklow, where he had his stronghold.

He told the man to keep the calf in front all the time so that the cow would not look back and that she would not know that she was leaving the province of Ulster. The servant did as he was told and everything went well until they crossed the River Boyne.

Then the servant got careless and allowed the calf to walk behind the cow. Soon after the cow missed the calf and she looked behind her to see where she had gone. Looking back she saw the Mourne Mountains far away to the north, and knew that she was very far from her native Ulster so she gave a terrible scream the like of which was never heard before.

Balor heard the roar and he understood there was something wrong. Now Balor had only one eye and that was in the middle of his forehead. When the giant was talking to anyone he had to keep the eye covered. The eye was evil and had the power of turning to stone whatever was seen by it – animals, people and so on.

When Balor turned to see what was wrong he forgot to cover the eye and immediately the cow and calf were turned into stones. The two rocks stand to-day as Balor left them – the cow on the south side and the calf on the north side.

GNS [1937-38 ] [Recorded by Mary Halligan, Strand St. Died 1906 Aged 89.]