Local Expressions

1  Blow-in = one who visits Skerries casually and decides to remain.

2   Out-come-airs = tripper.

3   I’m falling out of my standing with the hunger.

4   He`s cut on the bias = In a bad humour.

5   Refugees = those who come down in the world and settle in Skerries.

6   It put no seam on me = Doesn`t worry me.

7   Eye-oppenses = Smart-alecs.

8   Wydoes (or chancers) = irresponsible persons.

9   There’s no blinding in her = couldn’t be cheated.

10  Highflier = spendthrift.

11  Barney = one who won’t himself to be cheated.

12  She’s dangerous = ugly beyond hope of improvement.

13  He’s bunking = kicking the door in temper.

14  An empty sack can’t stand, but a full one can’t bend.

15  I’m so mad I could tear paper.