Local Cures

There are several cures to be obtained from herbs:

Hock when boiled down is a great cure for sprains.

Parsley boiled down and the water drunk is a cure for consumption.

Another good cure is celery boiled down and eaten.

There are also several cures to be had from seawater. In September the seaweed bursts and there is iodine in the water which is a great cure for rheumatism.

A great cure for a sting is a butter dalk leaf rubbed on the sting.

A tank containing water that has become rusty and the hands dipped in the water is a cure for warts.

Every morning if seawater is sniffed up the nose it is a good cure for a stoppage of the nose.

To cure bleeding of the nose put a key down your back.

Desmond Potter, 7 The Harbour (BNS, 1937-`38)