John ‘Jack’ McGowan, 1900-1922, Irish Volunteer

Paper 255

Lecture – 2006

Author – Whearity, Frank

Jack McGowan (1900-1922), a Skerries man, took the anti-treaty side during the Civil War. He was a member of the Skerries Branch of the Irish Volunteers from 1914 until 1918. He was also a member of the secret organisation known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood and he played a part in the Easter Rising. When the IRA flying columns were set up in 1919 he joined and took part in some of the military action.

He was mortally wounded on 28 June 1922, the day the Civil War broke out, in St Stephen’s Green. The author discusses his background and life, and the circumstances leading to his wounding and death, and his subsequent removal to Holmpatrick cemetery for burial. Themes: War & rebellion, family history, politics .

Themes:  War & rebellion;  family history;  politics.