8th January 2019 – The Anecdotal History of the Skerries Wherry

The Anecdotal History of the Skerries Wherry

by Sean T. Rickard – 8th January 2019

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The Skerries Wherry is one of Ireland’s oldest, largest and most travelled traditional Irish fishing vessels though it was frequently used for much more diverse maritime activities. It is also one of the most unknown and historically elusive traditional Irish vessels falling out of favour after at least a couple hundreds of years of use, around the 1830s for some very controversial reasons. The paper intends to explore the fascinating history of this craft through the survival of rich anecdotal data and the compilation of several stories mined from the archives around these islands. It will also encompass and magnify the period from the vessel’s obscure origins to its final demise in the hopes of producing enough local interest to renew the sailing of this vessel and thereby preserving Fingalian maritime heritage.