Skerries, Past and Present

Paper 6

Lecture – 1913

Author – Battersby, T. S. F.

Also in Nat. Library – No: P 7632 – Read 1948

The text of a lecture given by the Author in 1913.


Life of St Patrick by Dr. Todd
“Gaedhile and Gall” by Dr. Todd
Visitation of Leinster by Rev. JF Sherrman
Scandanavian History by Otta
Jocelin’s 12th century Account of Life of St. Patrick
Tripartite Life of St Patrick by Whitley Stokes
Life of St Patrick by Archbp. Healy
Lives of the Irish Saints by Fr. O’Hanlon
Fingal and its Churches by Walsh
Scandanavian Dublin by Halliday


Annals of Inishfallen
Phases of Irish History by McNeill
Estate Maps
Ecclesiastical Taxation of Ireland A.D. 1302-’06
Petty’s Down Survey
Parliamentary Gazette (eg 1846)
D’Alton’s History of County Dublin
Hollinshead 15th.C. English History (on Skerries)
Book on surnames by Ferguson
Archer: A Statistical Survey of County Dublin